About Us

Ward Cummings, a lifelong aquarist at heart, founded San Diego Aquariums in 1991. His family and friends started asking Ward to maintain their aquariums, after seeing how well maintained his personal aquariums were. His hard-work and over 25 years of experience has created a wonderful company whose number one goal is to maintain the highest level of quality in the design, installation and care of its clients' aquariums. We specialize in the design and installation of new aquariums as well as the ongoing maintenance of any type of aquarium whether new or old.

Serving all of San Diego County, we service both high end Commercial and Residential Aquariums, From Salt-water tanks and Coral Reefs to Fresh-water tanks and Outdoor ponds. We do it all, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you ever have had dinner at the famous Marine Room in La Jolla, or did business with the Sunroad Corporation, then you've seen examples of San Diego Aquariums work.