Installation When it comes to picking out the right aquarium for the right spot, SDA pulls from its extensive experience to make sure that even the smallest of details aren't overlooked. Having designed and installed well over 300 custom aquariums to date, we can certainly say that we have the experience to design and build most anything fishy!

All aquariums are built using the latest techniques in material bonding. Plumbing parts are all professionally secured and tested. All wiring and electrical parts are neatly labeled and safely routed.

A typical custom aquarium inquiry to our company results in a free on-site visit where a thorough "interview" is performed to learn the exact goal and purpose of the aquarium being considered.

Variables such as shape, size, style and internal aquarium decor are all carefully thought out to work within the room where the proposed aquarium will be installed. Once the ideal size and shape is determined, the aquarium and its components are ordered and an installation schedule is set.

Although some of the work we do utilizes readily available aquariums, many of the setups are custom built resulting in a typical lead-time of 2-5 weeks.

Custom aquariums can be made with acrylic or real glass depending on the application. When selecting glass we always strive to use optically clear glass for optimal viewing. Standard glass has a greenish tint and therefore is not as desirable in the aquarium trade. This detail becomes more pronounced when working with thicker panels like the 3/4" thick glass used in larger aquariums.

Spanning several visits, a typical installation includes setting up the aquarium and the life support system (usually located under the tank in the stand area or adjoining room), installing the lighting and adding all of the decorations.

Several days after the installation is complete, we will place some hardy fish in the tank to jumpstart the biological processes that lead to system stability. Within several weeks the tank is ready for the pre-selected aquarium inhabitants.

A maintenance schedule will commence at this point, and the rest is in our hands. Small tasks like feeding the fish will be clearly outlined along with instructions and options for dealing with the tank when on vacation, etc.

Maintenance Similar to a garden, aquariums achieve their balance and beauty from regular care. This specialized care is what our staff at San Diego Aquariums is trained to do.

Most of the aquariums under our supervision receive weekly or bi-monthly care. The exact frequency of scheduling depends on the type of aquarium (fresh, brackish or saltwater), the species of fish being cared for, as well as the size of the tank.

During a typical service visit, a San Diego Aquariums technician will perform a partial water change, water analysis, algae and detritus removal from the insides of the tank, and a filter cleaning. The decorations inside the tank will be cleaned and miscellaneous vitamins and trace elements are added to the water as needed.

A general health analysis will be taken of the livestock as well as recommendations for new specimens to be added. Time is also spent at the end of each service visit to remove any traces of water or salt marks from the surrounding aquarium furniture.

We have expertise in reef, saltwater and freshwater systems. A typical service visit with a SDA technician will include the following:

  • Partial water change
  • Water analysis
  • Algae and detritus removal
  • Filter cleaning
  • Removal of any water or salt marks from surrounding aquarium furniture
  • Polishing outside of the tank
  • Health analysis of your livestock
  • Necessary vitamins and trace elements are added
  • Recommendations will be made for any new specimens you would like to add #

If your aquarium is currently under the care of another company and you think it is not reaching its full potential, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer pressure-free consultations at no charge. *we do our best to accommodate requests but ask clients to rely on our experience stocking healthy and vital community aquariums.